We create innovative software supporting the work
with geospatial data.
These are stand-alone desktop applications and multiplatform
CAD software Add-ons.


We are an authorized resseller of the Swedish company Satlab Geosolutions providing innovative GNSS hardware. This enables us to offer comprehensive hardware and software, providing the technological sequence from field measurements, to the final product.


We provide support services for many industries using geospatial data.
We specialize in tasks requiring custom approach, where it is necessary to create dedicated software solutions
to optimize the work.

Lastest News

KaliBronek 2.0 - wyszukiwanie rastrów

KaliBronek 2.0 published!

Dear Customers and Users of KaliBronek v1. We are excited to announce that the final version of KaliBronek 2.0 is published! Here is a list of the most important news in version 2.0: – Enhanced “Raster Manager” with easy access to all functions and editing multiple raster simultaneously, – Raster conversions, including changing the file format, […]

KaliBronek 2.0 comming soon

Dear Customers and Users of KaliBronek v1. We are excited to announce that our well known software KaliBronek 2.0 is comming soon! Beta version for all interested is ready for download since now on. We have dedicated much time and our best attention to entirely renew the software implementing extensive amount of new features and fulfilling […]

Wms2Cad - downloading definitions

KaliBronek 1.94 and Wms2Cad 1.14

New version of KaliBronek and Wms2Cad software available. New versions fully supports lastest CAD software, including AutoCAD2014, GstarCAD G8 and more. You may upgrade to latest KaliBronek and Wms2Cad version at no cost.

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